Friday, June 24, 2016

"...not to force us to repent, but to preserve our ability to do so."
"There is, however a clear and simple explanation for the restoration of 
Jewish sovereignty in Eretz Israel in our time. After 1,900 years of exile 
and 200 years of assimilation, after the inroads of Socialism and Communism 
and secularism[1] and Reform, The Jewish people was on the verge of losing 
its ability to do teshuvah. It was necessary to remove us from the countries 
which had bred these plagues and concentrate us in a country of our own, 
lest we completely lose our spiritual strength---not to force us to repent, 
but to preserve our ability to do so.

Just as we do not doubt that G-d performs miracles to prevent our physical 

extinction, for "netzach Yisrael" will not renege on His promise that Israel 
not disappear, so too we should not be surprised that He performs miracles 
to prevent our complete degeneration and thereby the loss of the strength to 
repent.There is powerful support for saying that G-d may initiate even a 
historic salvation as only a tactical move. We read in II Kings (14:23-27):

 In the fifteenth year of the king of Judah Amatzyahu b. Yoash, Yeravam b.
Yoash acceded to the throne in Shomron and ruled for forty-one years. He 
did evil in haShem's view, and did not deviate from [following] all the sins 
of Yeravam b. Nevat who corrupted Israel. He expanded Israel's borders from 
Levo Chamat until the Aravah Sea [the Dead Sea], in keeping with the word of 
haShem, G-d of Israel, which was spoken through His servant Yonah b. Amitai 
of Gat-Chefer. For haShem saw Israel's extremely bitter affliction and [saw] 
that no one was left to lead or be led and no one was helping Israel. HaShem 
had not decreed that Israel be obliterated, and He delivered them through 
Yeravam b. Yoash.

            We read with astonishment that Yeravam b. Yoash followed in the 
footsteps of his namesake who had set up golden calves and corrupted the ten 
tribes, yet he expanded the borders of the land of Israel and through him 
G-d delivered Israel."

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