Monday, January 09, 2012


A challenge to suicidal student I remember from some really bad 90s TV show about a high school in California - "But if you did it, you miss out on all the wonderful struggle and tragedy that life is, don't you see? a really impressive, sad movie! Because...this is all there is!.." Ok, that's sick. That is a sad excuse for living, let alone not dying. So we cultivate an "objective" vantage point (that we know is only a pretense, a role-play), overlooking the only life you have, foster a quasi-Buddhist detachment from the very kishkas of the only life you have? serial victims of trauma describe as how they weathered their assault? In a self-saturated, technology-mediate world in increasing offering ever more dimensions to find "entertainment" by using a coping mechanism of trauma victims! (random example of recent news; high school kids engaging in ever-more impersonal sexual relationships and entanglements for fun, profit and acceptance). The capacity to "see" life from "the outside" - something materialists intuit can only be a delusion, is becoming the very, the only, privileged position offered in response to the only serious question left (as so many have pointed out) ; "Why stick around?".


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