Monday, January 09, 2012

About Mordechai Elon
From an email exchange with a former HaKotel student;

Understand how this looks from the outside; the rabbi is simply and clearly bisexual. End of story. BUT NO!...Insiders see someone torn by 'temptations', who just needs direction and time for reflection...which, understanding that people actually live normal lives outside, sounds almost comical in its denial (as TRUE as it might be spiritually) - since the outside world has a definition for such people - bisexual!- and a place for such people - anywhere!

From the outside, from general society, which increasingly has no parameters on sexuality aside from 'consent' and constructs of age when 'consent' is possible - Elon's situation is as simple as that; it is Orthodoxy where they complicate it all, until it is unrecognizable from the lived life of a human being, paints a life I doubt he actually lives. "Bisexual" would account only one facet of this multi-faceted person; outside of Judaism, he would simply be - and not be or have gotten into the trouble he is in. I completely understand the temptation to remove oneself from dimensional rubrics, to deny more than matter.
But does all reasoning to some degree obfuscate reality this way, is that why increasingly society claims it is impossible or pointless to quest after such higher abstractions? Of course that's a claim of Postmodernism, but an aspect of "without foundations" that's still around after post-Postmodernism is "Unthinking"; virtually anything is reasonable and justifiable by such secular, "pareve" ethics without foundations - but very few people actually think it through to that end or try - and that's just the point; you should not try to think that far - you do other things that far; feel, act, "intuit", whatever, but don't try to apply reason to something you are told is so big, anonymous, innert and impersonal as yourself and everything and everyone else...
there's nothing there to reason to - or I'd say you might risk realising how much you can realise, and then you've already dropped the red pill and there's no coming back un-tainted by redemption.


At 2/20/2012 1:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't understand half of this post, but I believe that Rav Elon himself believes that acting upon homosexual desires is wrong. I'm not saying he did or didn't do it. I'm saying he himself believes the act to be wrong.

Another former Hakotel student

At 3/07/2012 7:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Religiously, within Orthodoxy, he can indeed feel wrong - and still feel such temptations. But again - outside Orthodoxy, he's simply "bi-sexual". This is the sort of issue whereby Orthodoxy - not just Jewish Orthodoxy, but religious orthodoxies of all kinds - seem in simple denial of reality.


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