Thursday, August 30, 2007

Desperation Single and Otherwise

Time goes by, I get in more conversations with married people about being religious and desperate...and a disconcerting number of whom respond with bizarrely blanket comments (mumbled and coupled with a smirk) like "being married doesn't solve your problems..". Obviously it helps some of them...Occasionally lonely and occasionally desperate IS NOT equal to always lonely and always desperate. Soon by me, my tuchas!...rather than blithering out half-tuchased 'blessings', maybe make some reasonable shidduch suggestions, people! Emphasis on reasonable! NJOP president R. Buchwald gave the statistic that more than half the people who aren't married in relation to coming to a Torah life - leave Torah.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dream Song - Ministry
A truly inspirational piece of 'music' for me (one of the discerned lyrics was the source of another post), set to some Anime movie, I have no idea what really. The song itself is incredibly mosaic, featuring Bulgarian folk singers, Tibetan monk chants, loops of metallic percussion, etc. It amazes me how certain things, the material cityscapes bisected by the ethereal, the clockwork mechanizations revealed in an intervening atmosphere, the angelic forms - all of which were brought to my mind by this song for YEARS - all in complete isolation from the creator of this fusion of song and film, appear therein. It also calls to mind a momentary stillness in the midst of an enormous battle, where a seemingly-incidental "peak experience" is achieved in someone otherwise prepared (another unfinished screenplay; WWI-era, a student of Esoterica and Hermeticism enlists in the army and is swept into conflicts far beyond those of his brothers in arms).


This time-ish last year; first is Mom and I, WWII Memorial, second is Uncle Carlos and I at the Korean War memorial. Very powerful affect, including a marble wall you literally peer into it, and your image is merged with faces sandblasted on it.

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