Friday, April 30, 2004

"Light pours over me as I run for cover, but I was already there".
(-Ministry "Dream Song").

DMT, peneal gland, biological basis for certain components of "spiritual" experiences, frontal lobe seizures and the "sense of detachment from/fusion with the world", classically argued over in discussion of mysticism, neuroscience and phenomenology...all within the easily-forgotten but utter confusion context of what constitutes "the world" of human grasp before the 'anomalous' experience (which may be so only for the last millimeter on the meter stick of our genus' history), which is then to be challenged/expanded, etc ...i.e., the loci of phenomena that constitute reality, human personhood - as well as their doxastic practices and their perceptions), and what they are rendered (or render themselves, depending), capable of perceiving. Maybe more later; in Monsey, thinks to do.

Friday, April 02, 2004

new mockup for technology, quantifying knowledge, etc;

Do Beis Yaakov and Yeshivah high schools "grade" students work? Why? Do they know what "grade" means? Do they ask when it started? Did Sarah Shneier establish grading in
her original (i.e., Torah im Derekeh Eretz-modeled...), model of education and it's worth?
Rav Soloveitchik and Rambam schools? When did Lithuanian-modeled yeshivot (when
"forced" either by government or Jewish societal pressure), accept/embrace the quantifying
of knowledge? Quanitification is key to commodification, to "materializing" what is Highest into what is Lowest; does this happen in Talmud Torah with Jewish Neshamot in the making in the world? If so, what does it say about the core perceptions of how we as Torah-inclined Jews view said world? "Materialism", barely-defined (and when defined, invariably on a Non-Jewish definition), is fervently "opposed" by "the Torah Yeshivah World" -is there uncritical usage of the very means of
in our educational systems (just one example, hopefully more later).
If so, when we quibble about (Goyishe-defined) "materialism" in the Torah world, we respond
with (Goyische-defined), reactions to it, exalting what can only be called asceticism, worship of poverty (Goyishe words...), etc. There have always been "wealthy" pious jews, knowledgeable pious jews, etc, but in Torah terms (i.e., definitions, conceptions of proper wealth within Torah strictures), not simply on Jewish terms..gotta daven.

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