Friday, April 01, 2016

Modern Faith in Sinai

"This nexus of faith and belief positions could quite easily serve as a bedrock for justifying the practice of treating the Pentateuch as Orthodox Judaism now treats it – as word-for-word the word of God, even if you have significant doubts that that attitude reflects the real historical genesis of the text.
This isn’t even a case of treating the text in a way that you know to be inaccurate. To have faith that a personal God foresaw that this religion would evolve from Sinai is to have faith that God gave it a stamp of approval. If that religion claims that God wrote a text word-for-word, then even if He didn’t, God’s giving that religion a stamp of approval is almost equivalent to His writing those words. It would be an act of appropriation of a text, and an act of appropriation can make a text your own, and give it new meaning."
Sam Lebens

I see this in Avot 'doing mitzvot' as well in the Divine Pedagogy, revelation of Himself; laws, practices, culture norms, beliefs, Doctrine were recast, given new meaning, etc - and in time the identity of Israel as well in accomodating Gerim and not just "sojourners in your midst", the ger toshav and beyond that in the fullness of Salvation History.

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