Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Rav and JewishAtheist
JewishAtheist recently posted an addage from R. Soloveitchik on the hok nature of the core beliefs of judaism.

The religious Jew accepts the entire Torah as a hok, both in regard to its immutability and also its unintellegibility... To be a loyal Jew is to be heroic, and heroes commit themselves without intellectual reservations. Only one who lacks the courage of commitment will belabor the "why"...

I think that, like R. Soloveitchik, l'hvdl JewishAtheist is unaware of, or to unconsciously aware of, those certain unspoken Givens of ALL reasonable belief - whether true or false; what or Who is believed in, without recourse the proofs - that which itself is the basis for all ensuing belief, the basis for all ensuing proofs, etc. Again, R. Albo's Three Ikkarim are beyond repproach or approach; God is, He Gives, and He Judges. These are, I believe, are essential to that which I believe R. Soloveitchik considers hok - everyone else must 'hok' such "axiums". Maybe I'll expand on all this later.


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