Sunday, April 19, 2009

Evolution Conspiracy III
Another social function of the 'war' on Intelligent Design is its application in other battles of 'scientific' vs "hidden agenda"; advocates for distasteful (i.e., un "scientific"), positions can be compared to "creation" (i.e., ID) vs. Science, now an archetypal battle. Guns and religion in recent presidential campaign volleys for example, or environmentalists vs. anthropocentric harborers of religious "myths". Interestingly, many environmental works speak of humankind as something that is somehow apart from the natural world that must be curbed, restrained, etc. Intelligence, mind and the belief in responsibility are seemingly viral at best, from this sort of outlook, pathological even (the position of some anarcho-primitivists and Environmental-collapse advocates).

One interesting digression; many materialists oppose the notion of personhood as expressed in human minds - it's residual (residue), a byproduct of other explicable adaptive functions (and thus doesn't even need to be "explained"; it emerges in the wake of what is already explainable). Equally-materialistic animal welfare ethicists however speak frequently and passionately for the personhood of other species. How can you have it both ways!? the works of Peter Singer and Daniel Dennett can be found comingled in the same websites, blog posts and whatnot. What is being left aside by "neuro-secularists" for others to chew on has resulted, I think, in the parallel development of outlooks shared by indigenous peoples. Inter-species relationships from their perspective abound with degrees of personhood and ways of relations between man, flora and fauna. Undergirding it all, on the indigenous side, is belief in the world as a Created place.

Deliberate obfuscation of Creation and Causation that benefits both secular and religious fundamentalists, just as the adamant "left/right" dichotomy thinking has us suffering under one party that parades and campaigns as two.


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