Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Evolution Conspiracy II

Continuing a previous Evolution Conspiracy post; considering the engineering of an unstated "blind watchmaker" perspective on socio-political evolution (fostered through stringently-narrow science education, emphasis on "knowing our place" in the material world through the lense of materialism as cardinal, a vehement opposition on the part of materialists to anything in the sciences that diverges from currently-entrenching paradigms and non-scientific, materialist meta-narratives), societal change - sorry, evolution - is "most reasonably" grasped in very morally relativistic terms. Though many materialists themselves eschew relativist thinking based on various naturalistic explanations for ethics "without foundations" - we simply evolve them as species and "simply" have them - a position I myself find defensible as the causitive manifestation of "Natural Morality", explicated from Yahadut by R. Kook, R. Amital and many others (here R. Blau responds to criticism of the above piece).

Previous "errors" in societal evolution (the U.S. being sold the automobile and the ensuing addiction to fossil fuels, sprawl, the pathological architecture of Suburbia, the death of the city, etc.), are to be understood in causitive terms; Bike-friendly Netherlands blindly 'evolved' one way with fossil fuels, the U.S. another...completely editing out the more-subtle roles of advertising, the myth of independence and 'a car in every garage'. Odd example, but I think it's a fair one...the important point being that people who did not need the perennial use of internal combustion engines, SUVs, etc, etc, have been progressively sold them with the marketing impression that there's some sort of natural, guilt-free irreversible "evolution" towards bigger, faster, more consumptive technologies away from your feet or a bike. that needs lots of work, but it's eruv Pesach so...don't expect it.


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