Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Evolutionary Conspiracy
Anyone who knows me or this blog knows me to be a proponent of evolution. If I appreciate something, I generally will see some dark side, some conspiracy aspect to it. So here goes....
There is justifiable opposition to the teaching of "Intelligent Design" in publically-funded educational settings. There is, I believe, an additional, nefarious aggenda to the governmental and educational establishments opposition. Emphasis is made in education on evolution that there is no discernable, reliable evidence for design or intent in nature. The natural world of which we are only a part is in accord with and results from discernable, temporal physical laws, however amazing and intricate and however deeply we delve - at the start we must assume it is physically explicable nonetheless. The more steeped one is in such an outlook, the more likely one is to accept the idea of the societies generated by homo sapiens sapiens, as being just as originated and explicable within these untutored, undriven laws of order as non-human animal societies. Sociobiology, IOW. Neurological reductionisms and the "deconstruction" of belief-forming practices, religions, etc, can simply be read as preempting the suggestion that human intelligence 'engineers' human society or has any kind of influence that is not likewise explicable.

If one is susceptible, no matter how it is put, to the idea that a biological system may be ordered by an intelligence, whether mortal or Divine, there is the risk that one might begin to see human society as indeed capable of also being engineered - socially engineered, determined, submitted to brainwashing, propaganda, etc. If you are educated to be fixed on "Blind Watchmaker" analogies, you will see no will, for good or ill - in the vagaries of The Powers that Be; society is simply ordered in certain ways, who are you to rebel, to act in a contrary manor, to suggest other manners of social order or suspect a presently prevailing "course of human events" to be contrary to the common good?

Such an engineered "Matrix" situation can foist on these "educated" domesticated societies the notion that there are discreet "epochs" of human history and development; political approaches of the past, no matter how much more benevolent, productive, etc than the present..are in the past..."we've evolved past those stages, we no longer are in those societal ecosystems, with those 'individualist' needs, expectations or fears"...totalitarianisms, however evident in present settings, can be dismissed as 'impossible' in this "more developed" era of human collective evolution (consider the prevalent perception that evolution is "progressive", from "primative" to "advanced", etc). What in the past were warning signs of moral and societal decline can now be reinterpreted as signs of 'maturity'; no longer possible in terms of threats to expect from actual patterns of history (the predictability of democide, given certain variables), no longer feasible in terms of policy (the ever-more-Talmudically-argued war against the 2nd Amendment). Basic, human primal inclinations for self-preservation, for example, can be painted "now" as being ironically contrary to the future of humanity. Responsibility is no longer 'yours' to expect of others or yourself. Self-reliance is village and whatnot.

Feh...take with two grains of salt and call me in the morning.


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