Monday, January 26, 2009

A Pasuk in Action...
"...Swords into Plowshares..."

(And the music is VNV Nation!!)...I had shared a long-standing romantic regard for the actions of groups like the Plowshares Movement, who regularly engaged in the disabling of weapons of mass destruction, typically American-made - often merely symbolic gestures, but powerful nonetheless. Power seems to be the point. But something I read recently regarding the West's nuclear arsenal was a far more significant manifestation of the posuk;

The weapons contain a great deal of uranium enriched to over 90 percent U-235 (ie up to 25 times the proportion in reactor fuel). Some weapons have plutonium-239, which can be used in diluted form in either conventional or fast breeder reactors. From 2000 the dilution of 30 tonnes of military high-enriched uranium has been displacing about 10,600 tonnes of uranium oxide per year from mines, which represents about 13% of the world's reactor requirements.

Further exploration here. Also here on the threat of nuclear weapons proliferation.


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