Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Truth and The Facts
I was speculating on how recent polls [sources] indicating that a significant percentage of the American public and children in K-12 public school settings disbelieve in evolution. Maybe public school isn't so unthinkable for Haredim in this economic crisis...

There are billions of people who believe in the given Facts of Reality in their setting, yet live as if these fundamental Givens are irrelevant, if not untrue. Knowing the likely concrete, empirical consequences of any number of actions, countless secular-materialists make empirically stupid decisions, religious Jews commit averot. There are many differences between the two, but there is a certain similarity. Some things of profoundly fundamental importance (ikkarim) can indeed be believed but not lived; no one denies their reality, authority and foundational nature - but at times in the Torah setting, non-compliance in behavior is considered denial of Torah. Where are the "orthoprax", many Sephardim and "classic Modern orthodox" and such in this? Are some more conscionable than others? I think of the many Zeyde's who've made sacrifices for 'yiddishkeit' to the degree they could, poured money into Jewish causes, Jewish education, etc, etc - and driven for years to shul most Shabbatot so that a minyan could be made and a community continued. Haredi kiruv people love to say "and where are the grandchildren of those who chose to be mechalei Shabbos"?... hinting at the 'ultimate consequences' of actions, such as in condemning R. Slifkin's writings on evolution and Chazzal, etc, they need to acknowledge the vast number of such Zeydes that have and continue to support their institutions and communities - and Kiruv centers. The "ultimate consequences", the "big picture", are not things we as humans are privey to. Still chewing on this more later this week I"H


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