Thursday, November 06, 2008

Religious Zionism, Yichud and the Internet
Great clip from a great show which occasionally brought up sharp differences in worldview in whimsical ways;

I had read a bit from an Orthodox forum volume on gender and human relations, an essay by Daati Leumi posek R. Yuval Cherlow. He noted therein a ruling of his were he suggested that the Internet at home should have rules similar to those of Yichud, a concept I found very powerful. Other 'primal' cultures have been asking similar questions about the place of the Internet (Howe, Craig. "Cyberspace is No Place for Tribalism", Wicazo Sa Review, 13:2, Autumn, 1998, pp. 19-28; search net for ensuing discussion), not merely in terms of access to dangerous stimuli or data, but in the formulation of identify and the perpetuation of group pedagogy, etc.

R. Cherlow on chatting on the Net.

Audio on the effects of the Internet as a means to engaging responsa.

More on the Net and the Tzioni community from Haaretz.

An interesting blog post very briefly on digital technology and Rabbinic authority.


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