Friday, January 02, 2009

parallels in science and Torah are suggested to be here but not there, there but not here, all to the end of showing where they 'match' or one of the two fails.

And if 'here' and 'there' are not the places where Torah and science meet (to duke it out or shake hands, etc)? In science, certainty is suspect; though fundamentals of reality do not change, our picture of it changes, we know more, learn more, there is cumulation, innovation, dead ends, etc - but stasis in the picture is not normative or desireable. Who 'we' are is a matter of agreed upon standards, perspectives are subject to peer review, etc. In current Observant Judaism, is certainty in our picture suspect [posukim from Tanakh, etc]? What of Nevuah and Daas Torah? Is everything under constant, discernable hashgacha pratit? more later, must eat.


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