Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Holographic Universe, Wondrous Cool Cont'd.
A continuation of sorts from the previous post; I do not offer the following as a unified theory of anything, but a suggestion for certain, localised phenomena. Suppose the universe has something of this wacked, "holographic" nature to its make up, with ensuing relationships through our now-very-complicated perception (and epistemologies..). As noted before, many materialist integrations of this evidence could be marshalled, as well as could be marshalled for another interesting avenue of research.
The belief that the mind 'rests' some place other than the physical brain is historically a normative idea, but recently defended in research by Andy Clark and Alva Noe. So the mind perceiving this holographic universe is brainbound (the current neuroscience consensus) - but with 'feelers' reaching beyond the physical brain, 'loops' spanning out and back around perceived external environment. This would be the case however aware we may be of the loops, the adhensions, however filtered from workaday our own awareness the connections may be (of course some of these don't escape Advertisers, interrogators or magicians or cult leaders). Perhaps attachments to these other physical 'locations' are made after the brain leaves those 'places' or after the brain dies. I'm not saying that it follows therefore that consciousness "itself" might survive in the physical world or anywhere else after death, adhered to the locations or artifactions like grappling hooks for our mind. It may merely be that some residual fragments of mindedness adhere, and living, present brainbound feelers perceive these mindednesses. It also does not follow that "the mind" - or (more likely, I think) some of the aggregates which it comprises - might not survive via such 'safety lines', not unlike occurs in this brilliant scene from "Jurassic Park: The Lost World";
As luck would have it, it cuts off RIGHT where it begins to approximate my metaphor! At this point, only one of the aggregates of the mind is saved from annihilation. You, know, maybe she's consciousness, with all the other aggregates trying to save her, since she's their 'wireless connection' to the world. Heck, you'll have to watch the movie.
None of this stuff, mind, brain, whathaveyou, should be confused with Nefesh, Ruach or Neshama. I'm wary when psychologists, even frum ones try to do this. The last place I want to see it is on my blog.


At 1/20/2009 11:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mind is not experience, as the reviewer notes. If connections are made, current flowing through 'channels' not necessarily designed for the purposes that they are used for, maybe a metaphor of people escaping through an airduct, or similiar channel not designed as a navigable human route would be appropriate. Pierre

At 1/25/2009 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Mind is not experience" is also to say i'm not describing telepathic or paranormal experiences as such, nor am I denying them. On that general range of matters, I suggest Stephen Braude;

and related works on the shelf "anthropology of the spirit" in my goodreads.com list;


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