Sunday, January 04, 2009

It Can Happen Here Because it Has Happened Here
Not so long ago, a bigot rabbi named Grama got a book published, people saw its viscious racism and it got out on the Net; the Roshei yeshivah of Lakewood were called out to answer for it, and they 'condemn' it...(though some very-Establishment 'defenders' seemed to contradict those rabbis' "Daas Toyrah" and not condemn the book - but attack the Jewish reporting on it...)though it was ALREADY known that one of those condemning it - gave a haskamah to it! Among the haredim must be those who honestly think goyim are idiotic children. It has quietly faded into 'old news', even on the Anti-Semite sites (they went onto Noah Feldman's "Orthodox Paradox" piece, Rubashkin/Agriprocessors, Madoff, etc, etc).

What if something like this happens again, under this new administration...and a radical Leftist intern or arab-intern-influenced liberal senator were to point out "what the Talmud teaches about non-Jews" and therefore what "secretly influences the Israel Lobby and the NeoCons"...and therefore why all committed jews should be suspect...what would happen?
Immediately, "Aish and associates" would offer its services - under strict counsel from those scholars in Torah they would uphold as the Sages, and "refute" this challenge.
And almost on signal (because our enemies know just what the rebuttals would be!!), sources culled from Daat Emet and Israel Shahak would magically appear in the inboxes of all the key journalists and politicians...and the Aish rebuttal would be exposed as a deliberate fraud (probably not far off the mark). And we'd plotz.

And just like that, America could change overnight.

HOW?!?...Because it happened already.

September 11th 2001, all American muslim groups and individuals were suspect, felt threatened, had to prove their docility and patriotism - 1/5th of the world population, almost 50 nations of fellow Muslims the world over...and still American muslims, arguably more free and safe to practice their faith than anywhere else in the world - were terrified...

...Their Mosques 'surveilled', their organizations 'audited' for extremist views, their bank accounts frozen, etc, etc...

At roughly 13 million the world over, with only one nation that's "Jewish" (at that, Israel is roughly %40 Non-Jewish...), how would American Jews fair in their sense of security? American Muslims would be vindicated by the accusations currently being leveled at them by many Jews ("what Islam REALLY teaches about non-Muslims..." know the stuff)

...and here, it would be leveled against Jews.

"And how can you be absolutely sure that even 'cultural' Jews/Muslims are being honest?"...

I'm not being facetious in juxtaposing Jews and Muslims above. But just notice how apprehensive they've been since 9/11 - despite their position and influence in the world arena; in America, arguably the "safest place for them"...they quaked.

But what about the memory of the Holocaust, to somehow prove that, as the perennial victims, there's nothing to fear from us and nothing for them to feel but pity?

There have been far too many other victims since the Holocaust for Jews to rely on the claim any longer. And Israel's enemies have, honestly, won the media war in portraying Jews as more complex than simply victims. We shouldn't be so comfortable.


At 1/12/2009 1:34 PM, Anonymous Chizki said...

You're onto something here, Pierre. Reading the coverage of the Gaza situation in the American MSM, with its stronger-than-usual anti-Israel bias, has been rather scary of late.

At 1/12/2009 2:31 PM, Blogger Pierre Sogol said...

I agree about the ubiquity of Israel being characterized as a 'brute' is disturbing, but it's not so far from others being called 'brutes' among the nations -except that they are NOT asked to dismantle their entire countries. I think this is because underlying the anti-Israel bias is an intellectual environment that is critical of Judaism, and is the basis for this excusability; Jewish secular and/or Marxist academic scholars of religion and archaeology are feeding the "there is no historical Israel" (Finkelstein, etc), and "the Bible is the textbook of oppression/destructive civilisation", etc, into the current political dispute, Israel Shahak is still considered a normative, objective 'historian' of Jewish religion amongst Muslim and Arab intellectuals and their sympathizers, etc, etc. Then former yeshiva student and law professor Noah Feldman definitely did not help things...nor did his formulaic, evasive respondents, who regardless of hashkafa, wrote as if criticisms of their defenses were not already abounding on the internet - written by Jews, however slanted. And that these critics are Jewish makes them authorative enough. And no one substantively answers them! No one.

At 1/12/2009 2:33 PM, Blogger Pierre Sogol said...

As I recall, Hitchens or Harris has been using Israel Shahak as a source on Judaism as well.


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