Thursday, May 15, 2008

"We were not attached to the physical world - at all"

Granted, I have no idea of the greater context of this quote. Virtually all the images in the other videos are filled with smiling kids. It reaches me. That being said, many dyed-in-the-wool surfers can tell you surfing or dream-living doesn't entail sacrificing every other dream or life decision. I do not think any of what follows is "Paskowitzian" - but there are definitely people "out there" (on many levels") that can think "non-attachment" entails drifting hither and yon about the countryside (internally or externally...), alienating friends and family unless they're willing to dispense with their lives and conjoin them with yours. The drifting thing, the unattachment to place, to a sense of place, I can't grant inherent value to. There are indeed people out there who are "driven", who are "risk takers", who are willing and able to take ridiculous risks and put life on the line for something - because they're mentally challenged and/or Abba and Ema are always there to pull them through.


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