Thursday, May 08, 2008

Conversion Crisis in Israel and American Responses

The RCA, who made its peace with the Rabbinut and Rabbi Amar over the authority of those overseeing conversions - issued some sharp words to the Rabbinut recently (other news pieces here).

Dr. Marc B. Shapiro in an OpEd piece in the New York Jewish Week, really follows with my last few posts. It will probably mean more for me than I think now. With the increase in Charedi engagement in Israeli politics (previous shunned by many, to hold onto subsidies and exemptions they will have to do something...), which will only increase as politics-friendly American Charedi Olim start to move into the government (they will), I only see the situation getting worse. Speaking of things escalating, Zvi Zohar gives a terrifying fictionalized breakdown of how things might break down from the annulment of Conversions.


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