Monday, May 05, 2008

On "In-fighting" and "divisiveness"

Recent events in Israel triggered a pointed, biased and oft-times accurate piece in, would you believe it, Haaretz. When things like this are said outloud, condemnations immediately issue from various camps, lets be honest, mostly among the Charedim - against "infighting" and "divisiveness" and a "lack of unity".

It is not an infight when a patch of Charedi bullies muscles every other kid on the playground into submission. There is no room for moral equivocation where a Good Ol' Rabbis network protects child predators and belittles their victims. It is not infighting when Modern Orthodox rabbis and scholars engage in respectful disagreement on matters affecting Klal Israel - only to be met by bans, proclamations of heresy and verbal abuse. I can scarcely think about these things anymore. Divisiveness "on all sides" my tuchas.


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