Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sinai, Religious Experience and the Value of Evidence

An older post about arguments for the divine. There I link to related pieces on the personal value of proofs from experience, sensory perception, etc, and suggest the 'local' value of much proving and the 'boundedness' of many attempts to justify deep pre-theoretical beliefs (I also exempt science from much of this criticism due to the general admittance that they have narrow, material parameters for proving "scientifically", and their obligations to making claims only regarding that to which the methods apply to). I would also like to do a post later on the idea that the lapse of Nevuah has had effect even outside Judaism - where the depths of human rational exploration were affected by a deep 'disruption' of the universe. Somewhere else I suggested that as a result, there has grown over the generations some very deep skepticism about very fundamental matters in philosophy - where many 'justify' from in lieu of religion.

I think some recent[] philosophical discussion of the value of religious experience as knowledge, neuro-science[], and Clouser/Dooyeweerdian philosophy[] would go well together, where philosophy acknowledges its ultimate 'religiousness', and therefore similar "reducibility" to neuro-science "critique" (actually I would argue, evidence of mans innate Divine Spark), and similarities to certain religious experiences (and also critique some overzealous religious rationalisms).


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