Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Two New Links

I added two more links to the column on the right side of my page, Tzohar and Meitarim (also spelled Meytarim). I need not say these institutions are considered controversial by the Charedi camps in Israel - and of course it's my blog, so..that's that. But I would add that, from my American perspective, I think they're revealingly similar to efforts at reaching Klal Israel that are already exercised by many Charedi Kiruv groups in Hutz l'Aretz. They make likely extensive (and tactfully/tactically unstated...), use of heterim and degrees of engagement that, though legitimate in Halacha, are provisional, temporary measures to address crisis situations that divide Klal Israel - and I can't think of crisis situations dividing Klal Israel without thinking of the "Daati"-"Chiloni" division in Eretz Israel; the heart should be strong.


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