Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More People I Support

Rosh Yehudi and Lev Yehudi. If only other kiruv groups in Israel and b'Hutz would apply the same essential thinking! Counting on being "radically other" and divorced from what is even 'pareve' (charedi lifestyle, apathy/opposition towards the state of Israel, appeals to alienation, cult-like appeals to "peak experiences", etc, etc), can only take you so far, unless deep down you really do want everyone to be in Lakewood, B'nei Brak or Mea Shearim (don't answer). I think there is at times a sincere reveling in being alien and removed from [HKBH's...] world - and I think it subconsciously suggests to ourselves and others that HKBH's world (you know, the one He Made for us all to live in?...), is H"V not capable of sanctification - that one must withdraw to be oriented to Torah.


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