Monday, October 16, 2006

Consolidated Mabul rambles
[NOTE:New 3/07 consolidation here]

in something of an order of importance. not sure that it's even all of them, just most of them.

Though not offering resolutions (thats the second piece), here are some issues I have
with other ways of situating The Mabul in human history, geology, etc. First off, I would mention now that I have never thought it necessary to go so far afield as R. Shubert Spero - any more than we should consider a few general issues in M.E. Archaeology means we should be comfortable allegorizing Yetziat Mitzraim. I think there is enough evidence in the source material I offer in favor of a more 'historical' reading of much of the narrative, and that his generally-allegorical/mythic reading proposition falls 'far afield'. I do though think his allegorical understanding makes sense for those after the Mabul (and perhaps at the time; read the "general exposition" below), who did not experience the event itself - but could then understand their own experiences in the light of HKBH's Hand acting in nature's awesomeness in the specifically-meaning-filled narrative of the Mabul when told over/read). Later followed a few posts, one spured by reading a Chabad piece on Sci/Torah issues, another a further elaboration of 'maps' (more thoughts to come on use of many 'weak signals' vs. a few 'strong signals' in navigation, applied to the use of narrative, etc, derived from this piece).

Almost a year went by, and I came up with this General exposition of how I think things might have occured. It's what I hold up to other issues when they present themselves, it's definitely not my final word, but I think the general ideas therein presented are not unreasonable. After reading much of "Challenge of Creation", I have the feeling that R. Slifkin would steer more in an 'allegorical' understanding than I would, if he were pressed to give answers (which I'm sure he has been). I have a nice amount of Torah- material that could be read as alluding to a more regional setting for the events, though I need to make a post specifically around that issue, since it's a big one; the general idea being there are such sources.

Regarding fudgeyness of time/space also how we factor 974 Generations, etc.

Brief bit on possible midrashic source for a "local" conception of the events on the part of the ancients.

Regarding geological evidence for a regional scenario.


At 11/24/2006 8:45 AM, Blogger YGB said...

I like Baus's intriguing conflation (in a comment to the geological evidence) of a pshat in raki'a with a pshat in the Mabul. It's neat!

At 11/27/2006 5:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recall disagreeing with him on it, as there is no indication of such a layer ever existing in a sense of being a sphere of liquid water surrounding the earth. what other conditions could have militated for such a thing, and why aren't they evidenced in earth history? I dont really like nathan Aviezer's suggestion that "the waters above" were meteors containing ice chunks, but my mabul does include a meteor...there are several sources of water for the "waters of the mabul ("mi hamabul", "mayim", etc)


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