Thursday, September 14, 2006

And again to no one in particular...

I want to say to those who think I think too much - I think many people think a tad too little. One places themself in a continuum so as to say "to the left of the right of me"...I was calling someone not long ago and it was clear by the manner in which they answered the phone that they were very busy...because he said to me "hellohowareyoudoing?"...Hello, how are you doing???...You ask someone a question, one that WILL illicit a timewasting answer when you are busy??? Feh. It's clear, it's pashut that that is a silly thing to say on the phone whilst busy. It's like the dualistic, Greek-thinking trap people will throw at me to label me a pessimist/optimist; the "is the glass half full/half empty?" issue (LISTEN all you people - stop leaving glasses around; people can break them and slip on the water, landing on the broken pieces of...Lo Aleinu).

Let's be clear on this. The glass is simply the wrong size.

No big analyzing, no philosophy classes or rocket science.
It seems pashut to me. Jeez...


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