Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Consolidate Mabul Ramble, 2007
[I need a ghostwriter]

-List of good questions R. Dovid Gottlieb raised regarding historical evidence from antiquity.

-Something of a solution I offer from lack of certain geological evidence for a regional Mabul.

-Rav Kook and "privileged information" ; suggesting that Mabul narrative offers only a selection of information about the Mabul and its effects because much of what we would demand as empirical proof of an occurence is not relevant for what Torah intends to teach us through the occurence (I wonder if this is relevant to how Maamar Sinai is discussed in the text; how the experience is called therein the source of assurance for future generations, etc?). I offer that even "inaccurate" by 21-cent. narrow, empirical demands, overstated or exaggerated perspectives can have value.

-Rav Kook and Rav Hirsch on the "Privileged Perspective" of Noach and the narrative; suggest a regional reading deriving from the hints about "Sifre Avot", etc, and connect them with limiting of human perspective (even Nevuah), and its value and relevance for Noach and his perception as a possible source for the Mabul narrative.

-The first consolidation of Mabul related posts as of October 2006, along with a clarification that I don't jibe with R. Shubert Spiro.

-Rabbinic sources for a regional mabul.

-Related post on the 'famous' essay from Ten Daat by R. joel Wolowelsky.

In the future, I"H I hope to do a numerical study of Parashat Noach according to a path most recently explored by R. Solomon David Sassoon.


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