Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More Tribal-type rambling
[That much of] the world most “human compatible”-by-relationship to Us, the most immediate world to our Tribe of Judah consciousness (to include dimensions to reality well beyond our immediate point on the globe alone); what we’ve grasped and we can grasp and why (see also my post here; Jewish as a specifically limited engagement of the world – things we don’t eat, behaviors we don’t engage in, ways that we may do so, times we must do so, etc). Like tribal peoples, struggling to maintain boundaries amidst the modern worldviews, ours is a “Truth-Bound Tradition” amidst “Tradition-bound” Truths – and maybe this “tribal” nature of it is part of why the Jewish Tradition, here meaning a Life-way…is not so easy for moderns to cognate unless it’s discussed within the self-perceptions shared by “civilizations”, as “Jewish Civilization”, etc. But it is not Greek to be so “wed to the world” as Tribal people, literally called “pagan”, to be so immersed in ones environs, disengaged from “Higher Truths” (recalling that Greek Civilization was bound up with slavery, City-States, where ‘philosophers’ separated themselves from the mundane matters of life - a WOL which Jews in many ways forbidden to archetype, etc). It’s not Greek/Roman to be so bound to “what Jews do” that you refuse to “share” in the offerings of the Greek World. There, ones survival is bound up with human institutions, human politics and human temples amidst human cities, warring amidst each other - not trans-person contexts, not natural ecosystems (where The Creator makes things 'as they are'). But this is not to say Jewish, or Lakota or Koyukon, is irrational. If one acts [by tradition] irrationally - i.e., outside the ecosystems relationships - in the Boreal forests of the Yukon - one dies (exs). The covenant-making, caution and care with which many tribal people naturally live in their environs echoes this. Jews live in a Jewish world, or are supposed to, wherever they are. Survival in the natural world, as opposed to the city-state, is more an environmental matter. Like Tribal peoples, Jewish is indeed covenanted with a particular land – but it is not bound to a particular land – it is bound to all reality as "a" land - Creation. A place Covenanted with. The designation “Tribal” does not exhaust the Jewish lifeway[, Chana..]. We are the Tribe of the world, the firstborn of all Creation…who else but indigenous peoples have the chutzpah to say like this about the world? The covenant made with the “City-State” exile, shepherd-rancher Avraham was a covenant with an individual who began a tribe. It was not a covenant made with Moshe Rabbenu in great Egypt, not in the times of the Kingdoms of Judea and Samaria – yet the promise that all the tribes of the world would be blessed through us is clearly no normal, Tribal promise (Covenant).

What is not in Covenant with us is a bit less real, and at times, less human to us (perhaps all those nasty things in Gemara and codes about Goyim, some addressed here and here, is the result of mostly being under the Other, and in exile, not being able to apply the covenant-making methodology that applied when we were in our land; we formulate legal relations that exclude, dehumanize, legitimize, etc). Perhaps this is why Bereshit (and Parashat Noach…) is as it is, perhaps why Torah is as it is. It is indeed to reach The World - through us; without us - it is not Torah (it is Vulgate, Septuagint, Samaritan, etc). It is indeed for the world , and is the very source of the world (R. N. Lopes-Cardozo's series on primordial Torah and the opening "symphony" piece) - but it was Given to us.


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