Monday, May 01, 2006


Among many I'm having is that I have these "DIY" type links off my blog, and I don't actually DO any of this stuff. I'm just a fanboy in that regard; much like the people I know who know of my blog. They are fanboys/grrls of the IDEA of reading my blog. They can say to me "yeah, I've been, like, reading it"...("like" is here used as a way of lying that is linguistically acceptable, due to the ill-defined nature of the term "like" as used).
My blog also is a very poor reflection on me, as there's so much else going on with me, so much more I could recount. I'd kind of like to avoid history though. I am, honestly, prown to nostalgia.
Now it's "nostalgia for a future". Am I that pessimistic now? (should add obscurantist, if I'm paroding a transhumanist manifesto...G-d I'm in hell).


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