Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Quit my job, cleaning for Pesah, getting 2 job applications out so far. Both would pay at or below what I made in D.C., just in Baltimore vicinity. one would put me minutes from a community college where I could take classes to my hearts delight...which is to say I'm still looking at mechanic schooling. The thought struck me of taking in some carpentry and house remodeling-type stuff, getting some funds and doing some "live-in" real estate, whereby I'd "squat" the property and work on it, hiring piecemeal instead of paying a contractor to do it.
I'm planning on setting up a pullup bar in my apartment and fitting it with some climbing stuff, as well as bits of my own contrivance. I want to try slack line walking over the Moed. I've done it for years on chains and such, and there is that tempting gap between my back deck and my landlords tree...being un/underemployed will free me to get to the gym and back to my near and dear friend, the trap bar .


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