Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Motha-size Changes Afoot

Ditching my Library job a week before Pesah, finally getting Chol haMoed "off" in some sense (though I'll probably find myself wandering to places I used to work...what I usually do if I have even three days off..), starting a light-Carpentry situation for hopefully a chunk of the Omer, I"H picking up other contracting work and doing interviews pending further employment. One masterplan entails "degree work" in Auto/Diesel maintenence, another would be Information Architecture, and...well...few outside of the field understand what it is (and those inside argue about it incessantly), and is still too cutting edge to pay REAL well, though 2ish years out of school and in the job I can average 65K-70K yearly...but it's still Geek Work (hense Auto-Mechanic musings)!!! I'm tired of being tired from doing essentially nothing all day, I want to do guy stuff, not geek stuff. F'ing JAPs of course would really go for the 48-60K-making Mechanic Pierre (f'ing JAPs is it's own post). My people, as in Mi Familia, are either Military people (even one grandmother), or craftspeople. How'd I fall into this "ticky-tacky-typie" stuff?!?! GOOOSH!!! Haven't been to the gym in months, all my callouses have worn away. a rather short string of rather-spaced-apart dates and false leads (though they are getting older! the 20- year old was pointless, the 21- year old less so; neither were remotely JAPishe). Nothing else to say yet. hopefully the mabul stuff will come together once I get to it; but I've settled my issues with it and lost interest. I'm thinking of buying a book Oprah recommended....Help me I am in Gehinnom.


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