Tuesday, August 09, 2005

"...I'll become a neighborhood curiosity...a tragic but wise figure."

Sometimes it seems the most thorough solution to any of religious Jewish life's countless problems...Seraphic Press is one of the best blogs out there - and not simply because I so often find myself embedded in the saga of"How I married Karen". Not that grew up in '70's manhattan and married someone named Karen, but in the senseless foibles of dating remotely 'religiously' in the orthodox world; maybe at their time eating shabbos alone together, singing together, etc, was 'kosher' (but it would be thought rather 'lenient', to put it lightly, by most of the contemporary Observant "orthodox" world), and resulting dynamics (which would now likely be thought "a slippery slope" in our less-haimische generation), would be considered normal. Nothing like my actual external dating experiences. Regardless, I have found my internal experiences here and there in there, found some solace as well. Far too many examples, so just read especially 'how i married karen'.


At 8/23/2005 10:53 PM, Anonymous chizki said...

thanks for pointing my way to a fascinating blog! It reads more like a highly polished hypertext novella than a standard blog.

At 8/26/2005 6:10 AM, Blogger Pierre Sogol said...

they did publish a book around the loss of their son Ariel, the original topic of the blog. It includes a lot from the blog, as well as Divrei Torah, material from friends, etc.

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