Monday, May 01, 2006


The technology(hopefully this will be linked to a site I have to hack to, listing technology forecasts for the next 10 years; pretty scary) may not be so far off where the Global Jewish Database will be downloadable and satellite updateable to your child's noggin (at the same time, the ability to reboot worn out senses and neural pathways will be close as well - so no indulgence will necessarily lose it's luster...). Consider if the option were available now to the outrageously expensive and competitive Yeshivishe olam (or the Orthodox world for that matter); would wealthy parents skip sending their child to yeshivah and avoid all that pilpul to ensure their child a successful life (at least in this world...), and FINALLY be honest about how ridiculous "the reward matches the effort" actually is? If the religious world actually lived by it's maxims (this being only one among many), kids who are burning midnight oil through P'tach, kids who actually want to lern, wracking their brains trying to break into gemara with severe disabilities, poverty, etc, kids who actually put in the effort instead of riding and abiding their way through religious life like so many - would be celebrated. And they're not. They are ridiculed. Just one more reason we are in exile in the world..and just one more way we are so much like the goyishe systems we denigrate!!!! (as much lipservice is paid to 'learning' "out there" as it is in the Orthodox world; it's about ends not means) And just one more reason we are going to stay here a bit longer.

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