Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rav Amital on Religious Faith in the Face Annihilation

from here;

Did the fact that you’re a religious person help you to cope as a survivor?
After the war I was in contact with Abba Kovner a”h [a leader of the Vilna Ghetto revolt, and a kibbutz leader and poet in Israel]. Once we were both participants in a TV panel about the meaning of the Holocaust. He asked me, “Did you have problems with your faith?” I answered him, “I had problems? Your problems are even more serious. I believed in God; now, I don’t understand His ways. But you believed in man; now, do you continue to believe in man, after what you saw in the Holocaust? Truly, we both have a problem.”

Abba Kovner had a dream of creating a TV program. In one of our meetings he said to me, “People have become so far removed [from Judaism] – let’s do something with Judaism. I’ll discuss literature, you’ll discuss the Sages.” That idea lasted until one day he came and said, “Yehuda, the generation is lost to us. They don’t want to hear about Judaism.” That was our last meeting. Afterwards he died. He ate himself up.

And how long ago was this?...now we face something so similar within the Dati world, in all the spheres. Viruses of unlearned or deletante skepticism, desperation and spiritual desolation have infected all the "Jewish" species, leaving none unaltered.


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