Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"It Gets Better" and Euthenasia/'RTD'
Moishe's words at 6:22 -6:36 were profound and powerful, regardless of what ones personal struggle or resignations are. And so much hizzukh I get for just sticking LIFE out again, regardless of what ones torment is - "It gets better".

At the same time, I can't help but know that these guys likely do not traffic with the views of other non-religious/non-Orthodox homosexuals who share the gammet of liberal convictions and in an unusual twist, haven't put thought into "It gets better".

Many people, predominantly political liberals, support "Right to Die" legislation, euthenasia, support access to those who would like to end their lives - not simply the terminally "ill" either - and I think many of them do not make the connection when they support "It gets better" encouragements; what realistic evidence can you offer that, for a given person, it does get better? for many, it just gets...different! Many people's lives royally suck! And many resign to it sucking, and would prefer to not BE rather than continue. But "society" doesn't condone that option, unless the Hemlock Society et al have their way. There is no law of the universe that "It gets better", no principle by which "Misfit Toys" find their island, let alone the children who would want them. Which is to say that when it comes down to life and death - the supporters of "It gets better" WOULD NOT want people at risk to have to option of ending IT. Why? IT GETS BETTER! Which again, can't be proven. I'm glad it can't be proven! I support everyone sticking around to at least give themselves a chance for things to get better, to change for the better - I do! But I just noticed a weird twist in "shared politics" here; they would maybe support "Right to die" for everyone except closeted, tormented homosexuals? I'm not making a statement by asking, but it's interesting to think about.


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