Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Frum Schools Cant Be Built Fast Enough."
Or so a popular addage goes about rightwing places, I'm sure the statistics of Charedi Orthodox birthrates and children of other committed Jewish families being sent to Orthodox schools indicate this, regardless of their family hashkafah. When a system knows it's taking the bulk of the future, when it has so many people benefiting, service can slack off of course. It can become a money-making scheme all it's own, regardless of Torah being the product. The following is from a blogger commenting on a horrific incident of corporal punishment at a yeshivah (comment #74);

There's only one reason a principal would do this. Because he can. Because his school has a waiting list and he doesn't care if a parent walks out and makes a fuss since there are students waiting to fill that space.

Something to say in a bit, busy working.


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