Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Every system can strangle you if you let it..."

And my second thought after reading that line was;

"As with any relationship - with anyone or anything else - that threatens strangulation if you don't stay on your toes...for God's Sake, why stay with it?"

Does my 'judgmental' exclamation harbor in some Freudian sense the answer itself? "For God's Sake"? Is that the only kind of relationship you should be willing to risk strangulation in?...I don't know that other people look at their own life systems quite that way, such that they see "every system" has that potential...if you let it.

What interests me about the above statement is that the author of it wrote a nice, lengthy piece on the value of separation inherent in Taharat haMishpacha in keeping the "passion" alive, despite the strictures, complications and restraints it adds to life. It was written from the perspective of a BT, 5 years into marriage and two kids. I understand the place and value of strictures in all aspects of life - as do most other people, despite the belief by Orthodox that all other lifeways harbor either too many or too few such restrictions and only [regnant, contemporary Jewish] Orthodoxy has it "just right". Well... THE AUTHOR IS NO LONGER ORTHODOX - SHE IS NO LONGER IN 'THE SYSTEM' she viewed as potentially abusive (I mean, call me narrow-minded, but that's where I'd put a relationship that includes unwanted strangulation)...Go fig.


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