Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Mori v'Rebbi Professor Moshe Greenberg"

Professor Moshe Greenberg, long-time professor of Hebrew Bible at Hebrew University passed away late March 15th, I only just learned of it. R. SZ Leiman wrote a tribute to him some 10 years ago, from which the above quote is derived, the transcript is here. Menahem Butler's post, and R. Alan Yuter on Prof. Greenberg;

Prof. Greenberg purchased Rabbenu Tefilin when the Dead Sea Tefilin were found. Here is a critical scholar who cares deeply and introspectively about what God asks of him. For R Breuer, Greenberg not is not totally outside the pale precisely because Greenberg believes in the Commander and observes the commandments. If we wish to inspect everyone's theology, we must ask about the Bible Criticism in Rashbam, Sefer Hasidim, and Ibn Ezra. We must explain why the Hummash that Rashi quotes appears to be different from our own. We would do well to examine the relationship between prescriptive and descriptive statements in our Torah canon, and define the actual parameters of legitimate Orthodox diversity. Professors Menahem Kellner and Marc Shapiro are probing this issue in their fine scholarship.


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