Sunday, April 18, 2010

Self-inflicted Dhimmitude in lieu of Captors

A further take on the use of perpetuated, "unexpurgated" unredacted views of - and in this case from - non-Jewish neighbors and the consequences for self-definition. Bat Ye'or, renown scholar on Dhimmitude;

The civilization of dhimmitude does not develop all at once. It is a long process that involves many elements and a specific conditioning. It happens when peoples replace history by myths, when they fight to uphold these destructive myths, more than their own values because they are confused by having transformed lies into truth. They hold to those myths as if they were the only guarantee of their survival, when, in fact, they are the path to destruction. Terrorized by the evidence and teaching of history, those peoples preferred to destroy it rather than to face it. They replace history with childish tales, thus living in amnesia.


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