Monday, April 12, 2010

Revelation to [Members of] The Nations, Cont'd.

Rav Kook [notes mine];

"Infinity is the mighty foundation of all cultural life in every aspect [1]. The striving to glorify infinity conquers death and wipes tears from all faces."
Arpelei Tohar, p.36

"...and because the connection between the human thought and feelings and the divine, unlimited and highest light must be of many and varied shades, for this reason [2] each and every people has its own distinctive spiritual life" Orot ha Kodesh, vol 3, p.15

"We glorify in the Lord of the Universe who created all of man in His image, in the image of God He created him. Each branch goes its own way, this one to the right, and that to the left, some higher, some lower, but in their essence all will rise to a single place [3], all will transcend, to reform the world in the majesty of God, and all flesh will call on You".
Manuscripts, Small Collection, p.97

Benjamin Ish-Shalom, Rav Avraham Itzhak HaCohen Kook; Between Rationalism and Mysticism, ch.5

1)...Where and what is built from that foundation is obviously another matter...

2) Diversity is intended and not merely accidental nor incidental - there are numerous peoples and paths for this reason, not vice versa (again as is proclaimed by kiruv), any more than Israel emerged its path.

3) Each has its essence through which it will rise; and it is not a temporal, empirical mere "golden rule", a specific doctrine shared by all agree to agree upon in a here in now. The polemicists and apologists for the various religions are correct that a search for a theologically-formulated 'unity' cannot be found among what are the deliverances of the human mind - the source of such a unity is not human. There is a dividing line between faiths drawn by God, beyond which the source and resolution is found - but it is within a domain not navigable by comparison of pluralities, which will evidence and reiterate to the mind the differences and unities more or less obvious. It is through the plurality, via them (through one, via one more precisely) that a unity can be found. But for the most part - to what end? Exoterism is quite reasonably and logically the perspective for the great number - the fullness of reality aside. The first schema on this page is an image that might help (interesting content, but not why I linked it).


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