Monday, October 04, 2010

A Brief Apology for Luddism
That technology should be radically opposed which is not recyclable (or biodegradable), and which is incompatible with at least 4 previous generations of is predecessors (generations of a technology should be several years, not months), and which cannot be powered easily by conventional electrical means (i.e., could be distributed in developing nations where DIY electrical power could run them).
Those technologists ("engineers" - even if they be scientists who think like engineers a la Consolmagno) should be underfunded and unsupported who have given in to the dark, subconscious sides the Geek mind - enamored with themselves and their innovations, their own personal breaks with their own (selectively-remembered) pasts and break with inherited/imposed "things bigger than themselves" who adopt and incorporate (or mere abide with), a "something bigger than themself" that offers them control and influence more than asks of them submission or humility. Proudly lacking for "metanarratives", many of them are like children without parents - only Blessed "personal experience" to explain to them what's happening to them as they mature, what things should mean to them (or that things should mean to them). Denying metanarratives and only economic and biological drives, they are that much more vulnerable to all of them - adopting "sciency" definitions and meanings for terms of greater dimension and antiquity than they can accomodate - like "myth" and "belief" and "faith" - and then simply fall prey to myths of progress, [cursed] preconceptions of earlier phases of the modern era, assurance in the deliverances of experts, etc.


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