Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Old Email to Myself @ The Time
Oh the ways I've changed and the ways I havent...

[2005]Not long ago in a life-induced stupor, I decided the best way to forestall my (I"H) children's assimilation to Goyishe olam was by giving them weird 'english' names that would do the segregating for them.

but the minute I found some weird names, I realized they were too cool, and my imagination took it from there;

Unna (like "Loona", with no "L"), who is a Soccer girl from a very young age, does well in school, but invariably grows to be 5,10"+, with thick 'dirty blonde' hair, is distressingly beautiful. And with it's arrival goes the emphasis placed on her education - at least by young men and Bubbes who are out to get her married. She has a pentient for wearing jeans and tshirts, to her parents disconsternation. However, she (thankfully), intimidates most men, who are incapable of earning her hand, let alone attention. She decides to go to college - in Europe.

Yaako (like Wacko), who starts out feisty, messy, friendly and loud, and pretty much stays that way. Becomes a very physical kid with little interest in things he can't do for himself - right now. Of wiry frame and darker than his sister, He takes to daredevil 'impress the girls' behavior like nobody's business, always seems to have an overgrown mop on his head (which is black and brown), hanging down to his eyes. Completely hyper beyond control. Sandals and shorts is how I see him. He is utterly lacking in self-control or - thankfully - anger or meanness; girls love him and his friends (AKA his supporters), are many and loyal. He goes through all the 'special' yeshivahs like a tornado, ends up homeschooled most of the time, he finally finishes yeshivah high school, but never finishes yeshivah gedolah or college (we're a little unclear if he even started), but always seems to get those neato summer jobs - all year round. He climbs, bikes, etc.


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