Thursday, December 23, 2010

From R. Yehudah Fine;

Life changes when you are the only person sitting in a hospital room late at night with a kid dying of AIDS. I learned more about forgiveness at death's door than any other place in my life. Often kids were saying to me at the end, "You know what my parents did to me. I can never forgive the horror that began when I was just a young child, but if they walked into the room and I saw some contrition on their faces and felt it in their hearts, I could find a place to forgive them."

But of course, they never came.

I could barely finish the article after that line, it finished me. I know kids die, I know kids die alone, I know kids die alone with no reconciliation with their families or loved ones - or die with few real loved ones. I know adults put themselves in life situations where they become so much like such kids, regardless of how good their lives may comparably be. But I can't stomach this knowledge anymore, as distant as I am from the reality of it as a safe reader of it.


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