Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Paleodiet and Animal Consumption

In the first third of the above video, professional hunter and lay preacher Phil "The Duck Commander" Robertson makes use of a pasuk from Torah regarding the animals being given over to human beings for consumption, post-Mabul. I had late last year asked a Modern Orthodox pulpit rabbi and intellectual about the permissibility of hunting, which is generally assumed by those who ask such questions, to be forbidden to Jews (based on a tshuvah by the Noda b'Yehudah). Not only did he say it was not forbidden, when I repeatedly asked for clarification from him, he literally cited as plainly as the Duck Commander this very verse. Several years ago, I'd actually asked a Chassidic rabbi the same question, and he clarified that so long as Tzaar baalei Haim was not violated (i.e., that the taking of the animals life must not be a wasteful act), there is no issur. Both rabbis were in the position to offer the famed responsa of the Noda b'Yehudah - neither of them did.

Though consumption of game that is "hunted" is forbidden Jews (netting is definitely a means of hunting and might be possible, though difficult - let alone unnecessary even in a survival scenario), and there's plenty of discussion of the merits of vegetarian diets over omnivorous diets and books 'hinting' at the spiritually-preferable nature of abstention from meat consumption, I'd like to do a few openly-apologetic posts on the nutrition (particularly the Paleodiet), and ethics of meat consumption in the modern world, as well as the relationship of animals and man, the law "against" Jews being involved with hunting and the place of loss of sensitivity to death in our lives and related meanderings. Next post should be some annotated links on different aspects of all of the above.


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