Thursday, September 10, 2009

Prophecy and The Words of Prophets
Abarbanel on Jeremiah [Yermiayahu] 49:16. Powerful suggestion
for Sifrei Avot [and here]. Even more extrapolation from R. Shlomo Fisher here.

The prophets [other than Moses] perceived the general puport
of the matter communcated to them by the Holy One - Blessed
be He - and then related and wrote it down in their own
language. Hence when they perceived similiar matters, they
sometimes couched them in the very words that they saw in the
prophecies of other prophets, with which they were familiar.
...Isaiah said "For my strength and my song is Yah, the Lord;
and he has been my deliverance," - a line derived from [Moses']
Song at the Sea (Exod 15:2) ....Not that prophecies came to
[later prophets] in the same wording as to Moses our teacher
and in his degree; rather they perceived matters [in a general
sense] and on their own couched them in the language of verses
with which they were familiar. So [is the case of] this prophecy
of Jeremiah, which he couched in the language of Obadiah.
[Trans. by Moshe Greenberg]


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