Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mabul 'Updates'

Above is a video of a bolide impact, which my scant few remaining original readers will know to be the core of my Continental Mabul/Local Flood theory (I, II, III, and scattered around my blog); that something like the impact above occurred in the Persian Gulf; one meteor (one from among a large shower) causing a sudden tsunami/flood, in a region already in the throws of a period of conventional flooding. Impacts have been known to trigger earthquakes which could additionally have ruptured underwater aquifers, etc (plural sources of water; Mayai ha Mabul).

Additionally, recent study of some New World evidence for the cataclysmic effects of cosmic impacts for environmental and societal degradation - another feature of my supposition; that much of "Old World" mankind were traumatized and rendered "anusim" by the Mabul - which was the greater setting of cosmic impacts and environmental/cultural cataclysm in which a localized further intensification - the direct impact of a meteor and ensuing Mayai haMabul - that was a more thorough destruction. more to come I think..


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