Tuesday, September 01, 2009

By The People, For The People
People speak of the Greatest Generation, not so common is discussed the unspoken assumption to invest time and self and even life as central to what made them The Greatest. That era spawned the re/birth of the Civil Air Patrol, the Coast Guard Auxiliary and the State Defense Forces, citizen volunteer capacities in which uniformed civilians gave of self and time during war, reconstruction and disaster, for the defense and welfare of the United States, without expansionism, "empire building" or regime change abroad. These bodies evidenced one of the most powerful concepts from Torah (one among many ingrained in the founding and perpetuation of America, just as the administration of Israel down from Sinai was comprised of many antecedents in laws, government, etc), the Citizen Soldier - where the fullest body of Israel was obligated in civil defense, and was expressly diverted away from standing armies. more later.


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