Saturday, February 28, 2004

I see a ramble coming in Memorium to the decease blog, this one regarding the concept of "information",
waying and measuring the intellectual aspects of non-Jewish cultures and societies, organization and representation of knowledge, defining between information, wisdom and knowledge (based in part in "cult of information" by Roczak), the different consequences of systemetizing the same materials (like matter is basically energy; but in cumulatively different sorts of systems generated from the exact same material itself result in a world of different "things", how worlds of different things can in a sense be derived from essentially common structures), the differences between Divinely granted knowledge/inf/wisdom and that of the (seemingly) secular system derived "experimentation/empirically sourced knowledge/inf/wisdom, Ray Bradbury's "powerplant" essay, Orality and literacy, cognition and visual language, paleography, more later


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