Saturday, February 21, 2004

I am SO wired; it's amazing the degree to which one can truly lose
control over the startability/stopability of his thoughts. cappuchino
administered at 10:00 pm, Jerusalem Standard Time. I recall Shlomo
haMelekh's ability to converse with birds, etc, as well as the
AriZTL's ability to read the signs of leaves from trees, birds, etc.
I would like the ability to speak the language of alley cats in
Jerusalem. It would seem such a skill, as they defy borders of
physics, as well as social, religious and political borders in their
daily wonderings, a world of meaning and significance made up of our
seemingly extreneous and mundane ["meaninglesses"], structures, refuse
and doings, beyond fathoming. It would seem that just that sort of
skill would be noted by Mekubalim who themselves would be refering
researchers of things Deeply Odd to the Bokher-Who-Consults-With-The-


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