Saturday, January 24, 2004

More books (by now YOU PEOPLE have figured out this blog isn't for you; it's just my Net notebook):
as usual, this is mostly stream of consciousness. I WILL I"H organize things into potentially-fruitful
structures for Graduate work/publishing purposes, or performance art maybe (;-)

-Mammoth book of oddballs and eccentrics by karl shaw
-Disapearing Cryptography by Wayner
-Hidden Dimension by Edward Hall
-Social Life of Information by John Brown
-Emergence of Everything by Morowitz
-something by this guy Cliffor Pickover, don't know what yet. Seems interesting. You know, I don't know what "interesting" really means within the System of this Blog, as if (I think emergence works something like this), the definition in this sort of "intelligent" context is generated by the usage, "Interesting" would mean "something that I won't get around to").

So since noone seems to read this, I won't be writing much. I'd like to say that I won't write at all until there are some comments. But I need to think out loud outside the Yeshiva. Complexity and emergence are very much interesting me (and will continue to do so until I figure out what those words really mean), along with the usual issues of interdimensional/intradimensional taxonomy (a subject which I'm sure all of you are familiar with), stegonography, "nesting" (whatever that is), how we form the systems we systemize from (language, body language, Operating Systems, unconcious systems/maps, etc), self-organization (especially with Holmes Rolston, Michael Poole/Richard Dawkins debate and lhavdil Ramban,
and others in mind), ecology, ecosystems and information/knowledge/wisdom, literacy, illiterati, esoteric/exoteric models, "holoarchy" (something apparently that Ken Wilber said up and against more historically reputable/disreputable "hier-archical" cosmological models)..all of a sudden, I'm enveloped in the infamous "cloud of uncaring", and I want to ramble about popular science fans and the scientists who are loved by them; there is a real gulf between the former and the latter; aren't the fans interested in say, what the scientists themselves might be interested in? Who are their favorite authors, musicians, etc? What are THEY fans of in other words? I wonder from this, how knowledge from on High is disseminated into the universe (R. Tzadik haCohen of Lublin from "Orthodox Forum" essays, B. Naor's "lights of prophecy", rav Kook, etc), and the way it reproduces once it gets here. The fans generate their "own" ideas from the context of who they are, the science authors having formulated their insights (remember chiddushim from dreams in the history of science, as well as more recently, altered states among the Big-Guns, innovator programmers in the Psychotropic-influenced Silicone Valley/
Burning Man scene; Pinchbeck's book; for inducing experience, listen to Tool's "Schism" and/or
"46 and 2"), from their influences, etc. It just seems an astounding way to bring thoughts into the world, to really make order to hide *O*rder, redefining terms without letting anyone know, shifting their justifications for things they've done, thought, died and fought for for eons (flash to example of the IRRELEVANCE of some "paradigm shifting" revelations in history of science; copies of "De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium" in libraries for centuries all around Europe; printed on paper that absorbed the oil from countless fingers, the pages discussing his "cosmos-altering" theory are almost *white*, having been little's quite possible that people didn't CARE that the solar system might be heliocentric, that such 'surface' disturbances didn't reach their deeper, pretheoretical foundations), ANYWAYS, order hiding order, Stegenography (hiding meanings in other meanings), but in a transdimensional sense. Back to Holmes Rolston quote about "watchmaker" model as not really as useful when we're talking about a universe; one that really seems capable of producing itself, generating it's generative systems. Creativity, like any other metaphor in the metaphorical universe, might not be made to reveal things beyond this universe, expect perhaps by alluding by absence (throwing paint on the Invisible Man?),
SOOO...Back to Pickover. It seems that his "Cryptorunes" and "wonders of numbers" look like possibilities, also "Strange Brains and Genius : The Secret Lives Of Eccentric Scientists And Madmen",

Sacred architecture, stegenography, ecosystems, (BTW, came across and incredibly strange webpage I DO NOT ENDORSE...just read through his list of links;, multimedia experience, kyrigma...been online for 1.5 hours now, must go


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