Wednesday, December 31, 2003

things to come as I edit them;

-Rav Kook, Parshanut, Epistemology, Talmud and hypertext, history, Textual Criticism, Canonization of Hebrew Scriptures, R. Shalom Carmy, Rav Lichtenstein, Balkan Sephardic history, Jewish cultural isolates,

-rambles about history of modern Counterculture; music and politics, aesthetics

-history of Alchemy/hermeticism/esoterism, possible historical continuities to Noachism.
- religion and philosophy
-Chicano culture
-Cultural "industry"
-mimetics/H. Soloveitchik essay ("Rupture and Reconstruction"), "Facing up to history" Schacter essay and convenient memory.
-Kiruv and judaism relating to "Other"
-interaction between High/low/sub/counter-culture: influences, relationships, origins, confluences.
-ASCs (altered states of consciousness), psychopharmacology and affects on Worldview and philosophy.
-Herman Dooyewerd, Roy Clouser, religious foundations of [all] philosophy, Ground Motives (relating to all of the above).
-"Travel culture" and the cult of "unmediated" experience, "siezing the day", spiritual/cultural imperialism/consumerism (from John Taylor Gatto's insights on producer/consumer industry in compulsory education and elsewhere, and the ensuing unconscious "cultural missionizing" in "not-a-tourist"ism), [unacknowledged] blinders vs. employment(...), the imperatives of obligation, community commitment, literacy, education, self-localism, esoterism (finding insight, novelty, etc, within instead of without; local idiom and Coomaraswamy/*Perennial*ism), for life worth living/examining. Also insights from words of the texts/cultures these people meet in their "quest" (Tao Te Ching on "why travel?", etc). tourists "self-sifting", convenient memory and lenses they wear.
-"Academic" treatments of "Midnight tribes": "spooky culture", death and society, relating to "Gothic" aesthetic.
-Religion and politics from 'other dimensions'; Tao Te Ching and political quietism (New Critierion piece on quietism, moss ross' translation of the tao te ching); WHY textual issues (in Torah as well as "secular" contexts), matter.
-why self-censorship matters, why recognizing historical parameters matters; "Over-the-counter"-culture: commodification of revolutionary/chiddushim/ reassesment of previous ideas in new lights/light of new findings, useful pretenses of revolution; pretense of relevance and counter-culture, radical politics; White/American/Western [useful] self-hate and "over-the-counter"-culture(especially pertaining to "jewish kid" issues)
-Self-sifting/funneling/self-policeing and rise of, for ex., Nonesuch label (especially 60's counterculture), and "anthologizing" of Others into conveniently digestible forms (in this case, "rootsy" music, and rise of "folk" music in america, the ensuing countercultures and the respondants to them; especially labor movement history vs. the present self-policing of classes into "anti-progressive" attitudes, etc).
-Jewish "specialness" and, for ex., esoterism (prophecy, lapse of prophecy from "lights of prophecy", rambam, zaddik hacohen, his comments on source/confluence of non-Jewish esoterism, etc).
-Mneumonism and Rabbinic-Talmud/Confucian/other literatures, "loadedness" of texts/rituals/behaviors
Steganography), etc.


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