Friday, April 13, 2007

R. Alan Yuter

In cahoots with an earlier post, which I will now consider an introduction, I want to chew on some bits of his more polemic (in the most neutral sense of the word), material (most University libraries will have all this);

"Law, Politics, and Piety in Contemporary Orthodox Debate, in ed., Rela Mintz Geffen & Marsha Bryan Edelman, Freedom and Responsibility: Exploring the Challenges of Jewish Continuity (Hoboken: KTAV, 1998) 161-196. [same as “Positivist Rhetoric”?]

"Positivist Rhetoric and its Functions Haredi Orthodoxy," Jewish Political Studies
8:1 & 2 (Spring 1996).

"Legal Positivism and Contemporary Legal Discourse," The Jewish Law Annual 6 (1987), republished in ed., Martin P. Golding, Jewish Law and Legal Theory, (New York: NYU Press, 1993).

"Hora'at Sha'ah: The Emergency Principle in Jewish Law and a Contemporary Application,: Jewish Political Studies Review 13:3-4 (Fall 2001), 3-39. [online]

This piece was part of him earning a seat of authority w/USCJ;
"Mehitsa, Midrash, and Modernity," Judaism 28:2 (1979).

His two most accessible pieces, though containing the least argument;
"Modern Orthodoxy," Midstream, 43:7 (October 1997), 21-24.
"So What is 'Centrist' Orthodoxy?" Midstream (June/July 1989) 35, 36-38.

He also has many posts on the UTJ blog;

I have also had some conversation, classes and email exchange with him that I also want to put out there. As he was kind enough to send me his CV, I will hopefully have more treatment over time.


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